Smart Surfactant Systems

At Surfanetix, we provide high performance emulsion, detergent, and other surfactant formulations whose key ingredients can be easily extracted and recycled from spent waste streams.  This is made possible by our patented and proprietary separations technology which allows us to economically utilize both non-hazardous and high performance additives and at the same time vastly simplify processing of waste streams derived from our products. 

Simplify waste management needs from your manufacturing processes by allowing us to take back our products once they've finished working for you.  This eliminates the expense of shipping waste offsite for costly disposal or upkeep of complex and high maintenance equipment.  We bring our process, with a surprisingly small footprint of equipment, to you at no added cost so that we can recover and reuse the high value materials that go into our products.   

Metalworking Fluids

Borocut BC-17 our soluble cutting oil is formulated from plant-based oil and contains no VOCs or ingredients classified as hazardous materials.  It forms a stable emulsion when diluted with water that delivers excellent lubrication and corrosion protection for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals.    

Many common metalworking fluids contain hazardous components and VOCs that can pose significant occupational exposure risks.  Furthermore, the emulsified oil content often requires extensive processing to safely dispose the remaining water.  Borocut-17 offers an extremely user friendly product with a much easier to manage waste stream for operations generating large volumes of waste emulsion. 


Emulsions with an ON/OFF Switch


A Simple Way to Recycle Complex Mixtures

Our core technology is the ability to easily extract and recover molecules from complex mixtures.  This is made possible with our SR-16 resin beads, a specially designed macroporous polymer matrix we invented that can extract specific molecules with the corresponding functionality from a liquid solution by forming reversible covalent bonds between the bead surface and the target molecules.  When SR-16 is activated, it captures the emulsifier and detergent molecules used in our formulations and removes them from the waste stream mixture.  Once the target molecules are bound to the resin beads, the remaining materials can be easily separated.  Then, with a simple change to the local chemical environment, the resin beads can be deactivated (i.e. switched off) to release the captured molecules.  The ability to turn SR-16 beads on and off at will gives us a powerful yet simple tool to recover and recycle the high value chemical additives used in our product formulations.  We have a wide array of commercially available ingredients to formulate with that possess the required functionality needed to "latch on" to the SR-16 resin.  For new applications, it's possible to install the appropriate functional groups needed to capture and release specific molecules for specialized needs.

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